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The Last Tribe


Revista Bass Player

"The Last Tribe"

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"A disc that gets better with each play, I can’t imagine anyone not liking this." Peter Thelen at Exposé

"Stunning album from start to finish and it’s a must have for this year." Zachary Nathanson at Music From the Other Side of the Room

"When you listen this kind of songs it's obvious that Rock will live forever if new bands as DIALETO carry the torch, shocking as a slap in the face but that's what Prog is about." Iván Melgar-Morey at Progarchives

"Un disco nitido ed essenziale nelle progressioni armoniche, in numerosi punti spettacolare per impatto sonoro" Alfonso Tregua at La Luna di Alfonso

"Todo esto fue “The Last Tribe”, una gozada de álbum que ha de situar a DIALETO en el centro de atención de los círculos progresivos en este año 2013 y años por venir." César Inca Mendoza Loyola at Autopoietican

"L'aptitude des trois protagonistes n'est bien sûr pas à mettre en doute, car chacun maîtrise ici son instrument de prédilection au sein d'une oeuvre instrumentale et pointue qui ravira, j'en suis sûr, les vrais puristes." Thirionet at Music in Belgium

"10 utworów, 45 minut progresywnego szalenstwa, instrumentalnego odlotu na absolutnie najwyzszym swiatowym poziomie." Aleksander Król at

"The Last Tribe (mixed and mastered by fellow paulista Fabio Golfetti of Violeta de Outono, who has recently joined Gong) will not fail to appeal to lovers of instrumental progressive rock, especially those who set a great store by technically proficient yet soulful guitar playing rather than lightning-fast shredding." Raffaella Berry at Fire of Unknown Origin

"Viel Abwechslung bringt das Tribal Drumming von "The Last Tribe", die tropfende Melodik der Ballade "Lydia In The Playground", der wiegende Rhythmus von "Unimpossible" oder die King Crimson-Anklänge von "Chromaterius"" Klaus Reckert at